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  • wpid-IMAG0966.jpgAfter the apple tree stump has been ground out
  • wpid-IMAG0968.jpgRemoving existing rotten fence
  • wpid-IMAG0969.jpgRemoving existing fencing
  • wpid-IMAG0970.jpgGenerous mulch from stump grinding
  • wpid-IMAG0983.jpgConcrete posts and gravel boards
  • wpid-IMAG0985.jpgDuring construction
  • wpid-IMAG0986.jpgFence complete

Fence Repairs

Now that the rain, wind and storms seem to have passed for a while, we have taken the opportunity to replace one of our broken fences.  This fence borders our veg plot, so we need this work done so we can get on with digging over and sowing.

The existing fence posts have rotted through, so we have replaced them with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards at the base of the fence bays, to try to limit the extent of rotting if we are in for persistent wet weather.

  • wpid-IMAG0911.jpgView down the vegetable plot.
  • wpid-IMAG0912.jpgThe apple tree stump

Garden restoration

It didn’t rain today, so we had a very rare opportunity to go into the garden and appraise the level of carnage and destruction the relentless wet and windy onslaught has caused.  Our main concern is to replace the rotting flimsy fences before we sow anything in the vegetable plot.  Before we can do this, we’ve arranged to have the stump of an old apple tree ground out.  The stump is in the perfect place to make it impossible to properly fix a new fence.

  • wpid-IMAG0854.jpgNew rhubarb
  • wpid-IMAG0852.jpgChard and a pole holding up the fence. We plan to have the tree stump ground out before the next growing season.
  • wpid-IMAG0853.jpgBattered kale


The vegetable plot is in a bit of a state as the wet weather continues.  We have some red kale that has been blown about by the wind until it lies about in all directions.  Our chard continues despite the conditions.  There are a few sprouts of new rhubarb just breaking through the soil.

  • wpid-IMAG0835.jpgOlive tree blown down and debris from the fallen lilac tree
  • wpid-IMAG0836.jpgWindswept kale and broken fences
  • wpid-IMAG0837.jpgWind-battered standard lavender
  • wpid-IMAG0838.jpgWater-logged vegetable patch
  • wpid-IMAG0839.jpgOverwintering garlic
  • wpid-IMAG0840.jpgLeeks
  • wpid-IMAG0842.jpgBlooming cabbage flowers


There is very little happening in the garden, apart from wind and rain.  The wind has brought down the lilac tree and knocked over our standard olive tree, which needs a sturdier pot and probably does not appreciate the constant watering.  The vegetable patch is a waterlogged bog, which threatens to let our overwintering garlic rot in the ground.  Only the leeks seem to be holding out, and even they are under assault from many small slugs.