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  • wpid-imag1249.jpgCeleriac seedlings in peril
  • wpid-imag1250.jpgHerbs: bronze fennel, garden mint, peppermint, lemon verbena, French tarragon, oregano, lemon balm
  • wpid-imag1252.jpgKale seedlings and runner beans and French beans
  • wpid-imag1255.jpgTomatoes and courgette outgrowing the greenhouse
  • wpid-imag1256.jpgPeas
  • wpid-imag1257.jpgGolden raspberries

Early Growth

We have a few crops that are in the mini-greenhouse ready to go out into the veg plot now.  The tomatoes are looking very healthy and are growing at a rapid rate, as is the single yellow courgette plant, which we intend to plant in a bucket of manure and compost.  The peas continue their slow development.  The kale seedlings don’t seem to be in much of a hurry, but the runner beans and French beans are racing to be planted out.  Our second attempt at growing celeriac seems to be heading for disaster again, as the seedlings are steadily going yellow and wilting, despite being brought indoors.

  • wpid-imag1188.jpgBean seeds
  • wpid-imag1190.jpgWeevil damage to pea seedlings
  • wpid-imag1191.jpgRocket, mustard, celeriac and augergine
  • wpid-imag1192.jpgSweetcorn seedlings

Further sowing

The soil in our vegetable plot is too hard to sow many seeds directly.  The continuous wet weather over the winter has compacted the soil into a thick crunchy surface, and the soil is already very clayey anyhow.  So we’re almost forced to sow many of our crops in pots to start with, before the challenge of the soil.

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  • wpid-imag1169.jpgTidied and repotted herbs, sweet peas and strawberries
  • wpid-imag1170.jpgRepotted olive tree, lavender and currant trees
  • wpid-imag1172.jpgSpring onion, lettuce, rocket, mustard, celeriac and aubergine seeds
  • wpid-imag1173.jpgChantenay carrot seeds sown in a bucket
  • wpid-imag1174.jpgBee hotel
  • wpid-imag1175.jpgLarge rhubarb leaves
  • wpid-imag1176.jpgSupport for golden raspberries

Garden Clean-up

With a spell of dry weather and sunshine, we have been able to get out into the garden to begin tidying up some of the mayhem from the long wet winter months, and sort out the plants that are beginning to grow again.

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  • wpid-imag1164.jpgLady Christl potatoes sprouting
  • wpid-imag1160.jpgSlow worm in the leeks
  • wpid-imag1161.jpgFreshly dug over and planted King Edwards, with remaining leeks and overwintered garlic

Potato Planting

We have already planted a couple of rows of Lady Christl first early potatoes, which are just beginning to sprout through the soil.  We have now dug over and planted King Edward seed potatoes as our maincrop.  In between the two, we still have a row of leeks still standing, and the garlic we have overwintered, which has now begun to develop with the spring weather.  While we were digging, we found a slow worm in amongst the leeks, which didn’t seem to be all that bothered by our activity.

  • wpid-IMAG1154.jpgFrom the kitchen window
  • wpid-IMAG1139.jpgChallenger hop in moss packaging
  • wpid-IMAG1150.jpgHop planted with wire supports on fence
  • wpid-IMAG1149.jpgThinned strawberries
  • wpid-IMAG1143.jpgPlanting garlic
  • wpid-IMAG1152.jpgRhubarb
  • wpid-IMAG1151.jpgNewly planted Victoria plum tree
  • wpid-IMAG1153.jpgPropagating celeriac seeds
  • wpid-IMAG0999.jpgRosemary flowers

First attempts at Spring

It has been our first opportunity to go out into the garden this weekend.  We have managed to sow beetroot, Isle of Wight garlic, shallots and peas, as well as a hop and a Victoria plum tree.  Since the fence has been repaired, things are beginning to look like they are under control again.

  • wpid-IMAG0997.jpgDug over plot
  • wpid-IMAG0996.jpgBucket of compost

Spring Digging Over

Now that we have had a few days of fine weather, and we’ve had the fence replaced, we’re now able to get on with preparing the vegetable plot for some sowing and growing.  We’ve dug over the plot, which is badly compacted by constant waterlogging, and dug in some compost from our compost heap and spread over some chicken manure.

  • wpid-IMAG0966.jpgAfter the apple tree stump has been ground out
  • wpid-IMAG0968.jpgRemoving existing rotten fence
  • wpid-IMAG0969.jpgRemoving existing fencing
  • wpid-IMAG0970.jpgGenerous mulch from stump grinding
  • wpid-IMAG0983.jpgConcrete posts and gravel boards
  • wpid-IMAG0985.jpgDuring construction
  • wpid-IMAG0986.jpgFence complete

Fence Repairs

Now that the rain, wind and storms seem to have passed for a while, we have taken the opportunity to replace one of our broken fences.  This fence borders our veg plot, so we need this work done so we can get on with digging over and sowing.

The existing fence posts have rotted through, so we have replaced them with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards at the base of the fence bays, to try to limit the extent of rotting if we are in for persistent wet weather.

  • wpid-IMAG0916.jpgChitting Lady Christl and King Edward potatoes
  • wpid-IMAG0917.jpgSeed packets

Seed and potato selection

In case the weather changes, and we’re able to use the garden to grow things, we have bought a few seeds and some seed potatoes for this growing season.  We’ve selected Lady Christl as our early potatoes, and King Edward as our maincrops.  We’re going to try peas this year, so have bought Little Marvel seeds; we have some Best of All runner beans and Blue Lake French bean seeds left from last year.  We have some Golden Gourmet shallot sets, as these are good for pickling, it is claimed.  We have Boltardy and Chioggia beetroot seeds left from last year, but have added Yellow Cylindrical to these.  We’ve picked up some Chantenay carrot seeds, so we’ll see how that goes – they might be able to cope with our impenetrable clay soil as they’re not very long carrots.  We’re also going to try to grow sweetcorn (Swift variety) and celeriac (Monarch) and trusty kale (Nero Di Toscana Precoce).

  • wpid-IMAG0835.jpgOlive tree blown down and debris from the fallen lilac tree
  • wpid-IMAG0836.jpgWindswept kale and broken fences
  • wpid-IMAG0837.jpgWind-battered standard lavender
  • wpid-IMAG0838.jpgWater-logged vegetable patch
  • wpid-IMAG0839.jpgOverwintering garlic
  • wpid-IMAG0840.jpgLeeks
  • wpid-IMAG0842.jpgBlooming cabbage flowers


There is very little happening in the garden, apart from wind and rain.  The wind has brought down the lilac tree and knocked over our standard olive tree, which needs a sturdier pot and probably does not appreciate the constant watering.  The vegetable patch is a waterlogged bog, which threatens to let our overwintering garlic rot in the ground.  Only the leeks seem to be holding out, and even they are under assault from many small slugs.