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  • wpid-imag1264.jpgRemove skin and seeds from cucumber
  • wpid-imag1265.jpgFresh peppermint leaves
  • wpid-imag1266.jpgProcessed into a liquid
  • wpid-imag1284.jpgThe resulting sorbet

Cucumber and Peppermint Sorbet

We don’t have an ice-cream machine, but in the continuing effort to do something with the cucumbers that are delivered in our vegetable bag, we have tried to make a cucumber sorbet.  We blended up the flesh and added peppermint leaves, shredding these in the food processor too.  We added a little sugar and water, and then put it in the freezer, making sure to stir the mix through with a fork every hour or so.  The result was not good – massive ice crystals and still the formidable taste of cucumber.



The last of our pickled onions, pickled beetroot and sweet cucumber pickle.

  • wpid-imag1185.jpgSliced cucumbers with onion and bronze fennel
  • wpid-imag1187.jpgBottled pickle
  • wpid-imag1184.jpgSliced cucumber

Sweet cucumber pickle

It’s always difficult to find something to do with a cucumber.  We’ve tried pickling cucumber before, and it wasn’t all that nice.  The contrast between the tough skin and the soft watery interior perhaps adds to the problem.  This time we have tried a sweet pickle, and sliced the cucumber very thinly.  The thin slices are mixed with thinly sliced onion, a little bronze fennel (the recipe calls for dill but we only have bronze fennel on our herb bench) and sugar and white wine vinegar.  The thin slices should mean the pickle will fit into sandwich fillings.