• wpid-imag1182.jpgHop going strong
  • wpid-imag1181.jpgBeetroot seedlings
  • wpid-imag1179.jpgLeggy celeriac seedlings


We have a few signs of life beginning to show in the vegetable plot now.

 The hop we planted continues to look strong and healthy, but has not really moved as fast as we were expecting.

We have a few beetroot seedlings showing through – we sowed a mixture of golden cylinder, chioggia and boltardy, but it seems that the chioggia and boltardy seeds, from last year, are not quite as strong as the new golden cylinder, and are a lot smaller.  Quite a lot of the smaller and weaker seedlings seem to have have all of their leaves eaten, so are little more than stumps of stem.

The celeriac seeds seem to have become a bit leggy, perhaps because we have been keeping them inside, with only one window as a light source.

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