• wpid-imag1169.jpgTidied and repotted herbs, sweet peas and strawberries
  • wpid-imag1170.jpgRepotted olive tree, lavender and currant trees
  • wpid-imag1172.jpgSpring onion, lettuce, rocket, mustard, celeriac and aubergine seeds
  • wpid-imag1173.jpgChantenay carrot seeds sown in a bucket
  • wpid-imag1174.jpgBee hotel
  • wpid-imag1175.jpgLarge rhubarb leaves
  • wpid-imag1176.jpgSupport for golden raspberries

Garden Clean-up

With a spell of dry weather and sunshine, we have been able to get out into the garden to begin tidying up some of the mayhem from the long wet winter months, and sort out the plants that are beginning to grow again.

The French tarragon and peppermint are already going strong, and there are some surprising signs of life on the oregano and lemon verbena.  We have had to dispose of our Vietnamese coriander, as this seems not to have survived the winter, and we have trimmed back our garden mint as it had become a sprawling mess.  The bronze fennel also seems to be fairly resilient. We have planted some sweet peas, and repotted many of the herbs.

We have sowed lettuce, rocket and mustard seeds, along with some Apache spring onions, Monarch celeriac seeds – all of which are taking shelter in the mini greenhouse.  We have also taken the bee hotels from the shed, where we have stored them away from the wet weather, and they are already buzzing with visiting bees.

The rhubarb has really increased in size, almost to the point where we might be able to use some of it.

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