• wpid-IMAG0846.jpgPaella with scallops and sweet red peppers
  • wpid-IMAG0843.jpgDomain de Mandeville Viognier 2012

Paella & Viognier

We have some leftover chicken thighs from earlier in the week, so I have made another attempt at a paella.  First made a stock with the thigh bones and a spindly leek from the garden (and a bayleaf and peppercorns), then singed some sweet red peppers.  Then a few slices of chorizo, the chicken meat and the rice, and a splash of Martini before adding the stock, and later a few frozen scallops and peas.

Tried a bottle of Domain de Mandeville Viognier 2012 from Marks and Spencer, which goes well with chicken and fish.  Not quite as oily as I prefer in a Viognier.

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