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Rhubarb with Honey and Orange

From a recipe in River Cottage Everyday – chopped rhubarb from the garden, cooked with orange juice and zest and a generous garnish of honey.

  • wpid-imag1292.jpgRaspberry sorbet
  • wpid-imag1286.jpgSieving raspberry pulp
  • wpid-imag1285.jpgBattered raspberry punnet

Raspberry sorbet

Since the inedible disaster of the cucumber sorbet, we’ve had another try, again without any specialist equipment.  We bought a few punnets of cheap battered raspberries, put them through a food processor and then sieved out the seeds, then added a little sugar water and put into the freezer, again stirring periodically until it was set.  The result was far better than the cucumber attempt.

  • wpid-IMAG0844.jpgNeatly arranged apple pieces
  • wpid-IMAG0845.jpgApple logo
  • wpid-IMAG0848.jpgWith double cream

Apple & Mincemeat pie

A small pie to use up a single cooking apple and the remains of a jar of mincemeat we made for Christmas.

Steamed sponge pudding turned out of the bowl

A steamed sponge pudding

Having spent the weekend before last steaming our Christmas puddings, we thought we might try making a steamed pudding, something that we have only ever bought from the shops before, and wouldn’t even be able to guess the ingredients of before we had looked at a few recipes.  What goes into that sponge besides syrup?

We tried this BBC recipe for steamed golden syrup sponge pudding and the result was very rewarding.  The homemade pudding is so much more moist and even sweeter than those bought in supermarkets.  Once the weather turns properly cold this year, we will definitely be revisiting this recipe.

Steamed sponge pudding turned out of the bowl