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Soda bread

This is our first attempt at making soda bread.  It is very easy to make – simply mix flour with a little salt and baking powder, and add buttermilk to bring it together to a dough (a little milk helps to make the dough wet enough to form).  It takes only half an hour in the oven.

I think there is a little too much baking powder in this batch, as it has risen a little too enthusiastically.


Sourdough Starter

Since taking  a bread-making course at River Cottage with Aiden Chapman, we now have a sourdough starter sitting on the worktop.  The starter was taken from one of the starters at River Cottage, and we have fed it up and fermented it until being able to make our first sourdough loaf.  The starter now needs daily feeds to keep it in shape.


4 seed loaf

This is the first time I’ve tried adding extras while making some bread.  This loaf has a generous helping from a 4 seed mix – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and golden linseeds.  The sesame seeds dominate the taste, but it makes the bread a lot more interesting.


Crusty White Loaf

Used up the last of the very fine strong white flour we brought back from France late last year, just to see if there was a difference in the texture of bread made with it.  It seems finer than the strong white flour we get in this country, although I don’t think it is the same flour that is used to make baguettes.