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First rhubarb harvest

We have been able to harvest our first few stems of rhubarb. The stems do not seem to be very long, but the plant is producing a many large leaves and seems very vigorous.

Christmas Harvest

wpid-IMAG0783.jpgFor Christmas Day we have taken a few leeks, three sticks of sprouts, some salsify and a couple of red cabbages that have not been destroyed by snails.

Underdeveloped potato harvest

Late potato micro-harvest

The potatoes in the patio containers are now pretty much dead. Most of the leaves are gone, and spindly withered yellow stalks hang over the edges of the containers.  If you attempt to pull one of the stalks up, it does not put up any resistance, as the roots seem to be particularly shallow.  Not much hope of any spuds under the soil, it would seem.

But we dug down, and there are quite a few tubers in each of the containers, some almost the size of eggs, most not much more than a hazelnut.  There was quite a large number of potatoes, so if the plants had lived, and even survived until Christmas, we might have had a great harvest.  As it is, we are lucky to be able to use this underdeveloped crop.

Underdeveloped potato harvest

Carrots, beetroot and potatoes

Carrots, beetroot and potato crop

Carrots fresh from the earth

First carrot harvest

Carrots fresh from the earth

This is our first harvest of the rainbow carrots we planted from seed at the end of March. There is quite a variety in the size and shape – this is perhaps caused by the stones that remain in the soil.

It’s the first time we have pulled carrots from the ground.  It is difficult to know what to expect – the leaves above the soil were of a consistent height, but some have very well developed roots, others barely developed at all.  The intense orange smell as you brush off the dirt is quite a surprise.