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  • wpid-imag1301.jpgBottled elderflower cordial
  • wpid-imag1300.jpgDissolving sugar
  • wpid-imag1298.jpgSteeping flower heads
  • wpid-imag1299.jpgElderflower heads and citrus zest
  • wpid-imag1297.jpgBagful of elderflower heads

Elderflower Cordial

There are a lot of elder trees with generous displays of flowers all around our local area, so we collected a carrier-bag full and tried to make some cordial.  There were a fair few bugs that needed to be removed from the flower heads, then we steeped them in boiling water and left them overnight, with the zest of a few oranges and lemons.  The next day we added sugar and water and brought to the boil, then bottled in very sticky bottles.