Archive for 26 May ’14

  • wpid-imag1289.jpgAphids and ants on raspberries
  • wpid-imag1273.jpgPlanted out tomatoes
  • wpid-imag1272.jpgBeans
  • wpid-imag1268.jpgDamaged beetroot leaves

Further planting and further pests

We’ve planted the beans out now, and put the tomatoes in a trough; they all seem to be fine.  However, our raspberries have been severely attacked by ants farming aphids under almost all the leaves, and especially around the clusters of fruit.  And our developing beetroots are having their leaves shredded by leaf-mining pests.

  • wpid-imag1267.jpgStraining beech leaves
  • wpid-imag1269.jpgFinished liqueur

Bottling Beech Leaf Noyau

The beech leaves have been steeping in gin for a couple of weeks now, so we’ve taken them out and strained the liquid through muslin, and added a little sugar water, and we now have the lightly tasting and slightly golden liqueur.