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  • wpid-imag1241.jpgMalted barley measured out according to IPA recipe
  • wpid-imag1243.jpgPouring into mash tun
  • wpid-imag1244.jpgMashing grains
  • wpid-imag1246.jpgSparging
  • wpid-imag1245.jpgMeasuring hops
  • wpid-imag1247.jpgBloom of hops at the end of boil

Brewing an IPA

This will be a beer brewed without a kit.  We have ordered the malt, hops and yeast to follow a recipe for an American-style IPA.  We’re using Maris Otter base malt with small amounts of Munich and Crystal malts.  The hops are Apollo and Bravo – both a very high in alpha acids – and this is the first time we have brewed with dried hops rather than pellets.