Archive for 4 May ’14

  • wpid-imag1228.jpgLady Christl potatoes and last few leeks
  • wpid-imag1229.jpgSalsify gone to seed
  • wpid-imag1230.jpgGarlic, including elephant garlic
  • wpid-imag1231.jpgLeek flower and snails
  • wpid-imag1232.jpgLeek rust
  • wpid-imag1233.jpgLast leek harvest
  • wpid-imag1234.jpgGarlic leaves with rust removed

Late leeks, early potatoes & rusty garlic

We have pulled up the last few leeks from last year – they have seen us through the winter, and are now on the brink of running to seed.  The leeks are quite badly affected by rust, perhaps from the extensive period of wet weather through the winter, and this seems to have spread to the garlic we have been overwintering.  We’ve removed as many leaves with rust as we can, to try to prevent it spreading further without weakening the garlic too much. The elephant garlic (we planted three cloves but only one has come through) is as large as a leek. The Lady Christl first early potatoes we planted just a few weeks ago have grown extremely fast, too fast for us to properly earth them up.