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  • wpid-imag1225.jpgBeech leaf infusion
  • wpid-imag1226.jpgThe contents of the pickle cupboard

Beech Leaf Noyau

We have been foraging for beech leaves, as we thought we would follow an old recipe for a gin infusion.  We have collected up a carrier bag of beech leaves, brand new as they are just appearing on the trees, and put them in a jar with a bottle of gin to steep for a few weeks.  The colour is vivid at first, but has dimmed as the infusion steeps.

  • wpid-imag1223.jpgWatercress soup with handmade sourdough
  • wpid-imag1222.jpgBlending ingredients for watercress soup
  • wpid-imag1221.jpgWatercress

Watercress Soup

It does not take long to make some soup when we find a bunch of watercress in our vegetable bag.  Sweat a leek and add some stock and a chopped potato – simmer until the potato is cooked and then add the chopped watercress for a few moments, then use a hand blender to blend to a soup texture.  A delicious peppery lunch.

  • wpid-imag1215.jpgBeetroot seedlings
  • wpid-imag1216.jpgPerished celeriac seedlings
  • wpid-imag1218.jpgRocket and mustard
  • wpid-imag1219.jpgSweetcorn seedlings
  • wpid-imag1220.jpgPea seedlings and netting

Spring Developments

Things are coming along fairly slowly in the veg plot.  We have a few clumps of beetroot seedlings that are struggling against the hard clay soil and the persistent attacks of slugs.  Our pea seedlings are big enough to need the support of some netting.  For both these crops, we are sowing successionally, so we have planted another row as the previous row grows.  The sweetcorn seedlings seem very strong and confident, but our celeriac seedlings, which were very leggy, have now perished.