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  • wpid-imag1188.jpgBean seeds
  • wpid-imag1190.jpgWeevil damage to pea seedlings
  • wpid-imag1191.jpgRocket, mustard, celeriac and augergine
  • wpid-imag1192.jpgSweetcorn seedlings

Further sowing

The soil in our vegetable plot is too hard to sow many seeds directly.  The continuous wet weather over the winter has compacted the soil into a thick crunchy surface, and the soil is already very clayey anyhow.  So we’re almost forced to sow many of our crops in pots to start with, before the challenge of the soil.

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Grapefruit Honey Ale

Tasting Grapefruit Honey Ale

The third beer we have made, the grapefruit honey ale brewed a couple of weeks ago, is a triumph.  It is clean and crisp and has a strong citrusy finish, without any of the debris and aftertaste that has plague previous homebrews.

  • wpid-imag1194.jpgStrawberry flowers
  • wpid-imag1193.jpgBlackcurrant flowers

Flowering Fruit

We have quite a few flowers appearing on our various strawberry plants, which is hopefully a sign of a healthy crop.  We also have a fair few flowers on our Ben Tirran blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes, but nothing so far on our Baldwin blackcurrant.