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  • wpid-IMAG0860.jpgLamb chops coated with anchovy, garlic and rosemary
  • wpid-IMAG0861.jpgDauphinois and roast carrots

Lamb with anchovy, garlic and rosemary

A recipe from the Ginger Pig Meat Book, these lamb chump cops are coated with a paste made from anchovy fillets, rosemary and garlic that has been whizzed through a blender.  Cooked under the grill for a few minutes on either side. The taste of the lamb is really accentuated by the salty garlicky relish.  Served with Dauphinois potatoes and carrots roasted with cumin seeds.

  • wpid-IMAG0855.jpgSterilised bottles drying
  • wpid-IMAG0856.jpgBottling workspace
  • wpid-IMAG0858.jpgStrangely amber liquid sealed in the bottles

Bottling Bruxelles Blonde

This is the first time I have attempted to bottle beer, and it wasn’t very easy.  The beer itself, which perhaps we have left too long, has taken on a strange orange hue, and there was still plenty of activity in the gallon jar, as if it was still vigorously fermenting.  I’ve mixed in a little honey and water, and syphoned it off its bed of sediment, and then sterilised the bottles and syphoned the beer into bottles (these are Leffe bottles from Christmas that we have saved especially for this purpose).  The caps do not seem to fit quite right in these bottles, however, so I am a little sceptical that they are going to stay on once there is some pressure in the bottles.