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Strawberry problems

The strawberries are doing really well, but have been struck by what appears to be a very hungry pest.  We have seen a number of small, delta-winged moths with red markings around the plants so we suspect these are the culprits.  They have almost completely stripped all the leaves from the main plants and all the young plants developing from the runners, so much so that we’re worried that they might not survive.


Summer flourish

It’s mid July and there’s all sorts going on in the garden.

The potatoes in the ground are now so huge that we have had to use garden twine to keep them from blocking any sun from reaching the beetroot. The beetroot, carrots, garlic and onion are all coming along well and beyond expectations. The beans have climbed all the way to the top of the poles and kale and chard seeds have become very promising looking seedlings. The courgettes are a different story; they have become huge but there is no sign of any fruit yet. We’ve also been donated some rhubarb which we’ve found a space for at the end of the plot.

On the patio the tomatoes are going great guns and the herbs are bursting from their trough. Our transplanted strawberry plants are flourishing in their new compost and we have also managed to plant a few of its runners into new pots in the hope that we’ll have even more plants next year.