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First courgette fruit

Developing courgette fruit

Despite there being many, many leaves and quite a few flowers and shoots, we have a single fruit developing on one of our courgette plants.  Woodlice seem to have already made a meal of the flower on the fruit – they seem to thrive around the plants.

First container potatoes

Darling spuds of June

We have waited until the white flowers have disappeared from the potato plants on the patio.  The plants themselves seem to be very healthy, even though we did not really give them the best start.  The leaves are deep green and bright.  It is time for us to rummage through the containers and see what is in there.

We planted 4 seed potatoes in each container, but we have not grown potatoes before, so have no idea what to expect in terms of yield.  So it was with inevitable excitement that we dug down in one of the containers to see what we might find.

First container potatoes

Early June 2011

Bean counting

Just as June begins, there is continued vigorous growth in the vegetable plot, especially from the potatoes and onions.  We sowed French beans (Blue Lake variety) and runner beans (Scarlet Emporer) in the mini greenhouse, and now they are about 6″ high, we have transferred them to the foot of the poles.  As you can see, we have taken great care to assemble bean posts that are as structurally secure as possible.

The vegetables that we have planted have been joined by a couple of unexpected plants: there is a lettuce creeping up from beneath one of our walking boards, and we have an additional squash developing in the carrot rows.  Ironically, the squashes that we have planted are already looking quite sickly, yellow and weak.

Ripening strawberries

Smudges of strawberry red

Ripening strawberries


We have not been too sure how the strawberries we transplanted from the garden would succeed, since they might be at the end of their productive lives, but they have begun to develop quite a few green fruits in amongst the leaves.  Now these fruits are beginning to ripen.